Make a Pilgrimage to Lochgilphead

Dunedin Fort Footprints

Dunadd was visited, in peace and war, by kings from all over northern Britain, if not also Ireland. On the basis of present archaeological evidence, it is the leading contender to be ‘the chief place of the region’ where St Columba met a Gaulish merchant (Dunollie, by Oban, is the alternative).

Clamber to the top of a spectacular rocky outcrop fort that’s been occupied since the Iron Age.

Kilgore Knapsack Chapel - carved crosses

Kiel’s Chapel Carvings

St Columbas Cave

This cave is traditionally said to have been a cell occupied for a time by St Columba on his way from his home in Ulster to his final settlements at Dunadd and Iona. The story goes that Columba applied to King Conal for permission to establish his monastery at Iona. While he waited for the king's decision, the saint stayed here, on the south coast of the Knapdale peninsula.

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