Snorkel Trail

Did you know that Argyll's marine wildlife is more diverse than almost anywhere else in Scotland? Even close to shore you can see an incredible array of species and habitats just by popping on a snorkel mask.

All you need to know to stay safe

Before you go:

Check the conditions: be aware of tides, water temperatures, currents and weather forecasts before you leave.

Take a friend: never snorkel alone and always tell people where you are going.

Know who to contact: find out where the nearest medical and/or coastguard facility is and note down who to contact in an emergency. 

At the beach:

Know your surroundings: check what the weather and tides are doing, and identify a landmark for reference.

Use the right equipment: only use good quality and well-fitting equipment – mask, snorkel and fins.

Wear the right protection: a wetsuit will keep you warm and protect you against jellyfish stings. If it’s sunny, remember to cream up!

Follow the Snorkeller’s Code:

Do not remove seaweed or animals from rocks or from their homes.

Take care not to kick sealife with fins or stand on delicate animals.

Observe animals where they live and don’t take anything away with you.


Do not snorkel in rough weather

Do not touch jellyfish and other wildlife

Never snorkel alone

Snorkelling can be dangerous and these self-guided sites are used entirely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to check the conditions present on the day and assess whether it is safe to snorkel.

New to snorkelling or ready to increase your skills and knowledge?

Our directory of businesses and organisations below can help you to get the most from your time in the water.

Know the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before you go. 

Wild Swimming

Looking for more adventures in the water? Visit our Wild Swimming page to discover some of Argyll’s best spots.

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